OOO “EuroDetal” (The limited liability company) was established in 2010 after reorganization of ZAO “Tantal-EOC Normalien” (closed joint-stock company) as manufacturing company, which is engaged in manufacturing and supplying parts of press mould and die sets, tooling  for press forming of lime-and-sand brick as well as parts of precision metalworking to the European and Russian market. Since 2011 ООО “EuroDetal” has joined the group of companies “ILEKO”. Company’s team has 28 years of experience of product supply to some of the world leaders on the market of press mould and die sets – the company HASCO and a few more companies in Germany, the company TIRAD (DME / Milacron), Czech Republic, what says about confidence of European buyers as well as high, stable quality of output products.

The motto of our company is – “TRADITIONS OF QUALITY”.
  Our goal

The most complete satisfaction of needs of European and Russian  partners in high-quality and high-precision tooling for production.

OOO “EuroDetal” deliver components of press mould and die sets to the European and Russian market.

We work to enable you to work more efficiently.
  Our task

Continuous improvement of quality while reducing costs by improving the technological process.

Monthly we deliver from 2000 up to 5000 parts to Western and Eastern Europe and a similar number to the Russian market and markets of the neighboring countries.  Moreover we do not make any distinction between “quality for export and within Russia” owing to quality management system, operating at the enterprise, ISO 9001:2015. Continuous improvement of technology of mechanical processing and thermal processing allows the company to produce and deliver products of the European level to the customers.

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