ООО "EuroDetal" was awarded with the diploma and the statuette “The best exporter of the year 2018” in the nomination “The exporter with a large geography of export”. The award to the executive director Mr. Alexander V. Ryzhov was presented by Mr. Vadim G. Oikin, the first Deputy Chairman of the government of the Saratov region.

In connection with the release of new version of ISO9001-2015 the company ООО "EuroDetal" was audited in August 2018 and moved to a new version of quality management system according to GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).

Since the 1st of August 2016 ООО "EuroDetal" have got the certificate of conformity ISO 9001:2008 (GOST 9001-2011)
Field of application: manufacturing of metal products with using main technological processes of mechanical engineering, manufacturing and supplying parts of press mould and die sets, tooling manufacturing for moulding presses of lime-and-sand brick as well as parts of precision metalworking.

  ООО "EuroDetal" is the best exporter of the Saratov Region of the year 2015. December of the year 2015.
By results of the year 2015 ООО "EuroDetal" became the best company in the nomination “The exporter with the highest number of export deliveries”. The matter had come to light summing up the results of the annual regional competition “The best exporter of the year”, which is held with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and investment policy of the Saratov Region. ООО "EuroDetal" made 18 export deliveries to Western European countries: Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic. An increase in the volume and number of shipment is scheduled for 2016.

ООО "EuroDetal" took part in the exhibition RosMould 2012 - "Moulds. Die moulds. Stamps".

ООО "EuroDetal" is permanent active participant of the exhibition RosMould 2012 - "Moulds. Die moulds. Stamps".

ООО "EuroDetal" continues the way started the company ZAO "Tantal-EOC Normalien", that since 1990 was engaged in the supply of high-precision products to Western Europe: Germany, Belgium. Already a few years after the reorganization we have restored supply levels to Europe, thus reaffirming, that Russian companies can compete with European companies with respect to quality and delivery performance. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Saratov Region has recognized these achievements by means of issued certificate.