OOO “EuroDetal” is engaged long time in manufacturing tooling, parts for press mould, parts of press table and other parts for silicate brick factories.

The use of German technology of manufacture of parts advantageously distinguishes us among competitors, and this allows us to get as close as possible with respect to durability to the plates supplied by German manufacturer of presses. 

The parts that we supply have the benefits as follows:

  • They are produced out of alloy steels. The quality of used steels allows us to increase tooling lifetime.
  • They have high surface hardness and thermo-improved core, and this allows to increase the wear resistance and at the same time to avoid development of cracks during operation.
  • All products are manufactured on CNC machines, and this provides 100% interchangeability and assemblability.

The product range that we produce include as follows:

Plates of press mould: sectional, end-face, backing, ejector plates, plates of punch head.

The void-forming cores, cores. Strips (bars): guide, sealing, supporting shoes. Table plates.

The overall dimensions of produced tooling:

OOO “EuroDetal” have the possibility to produce one piece parts with overall dimensions up to 650х1500 mm. The table plates up to given overall dimensions are produced as one piece parts, and this allows increasing durability and longevity of these parts in comparison with competitors, who supply this parts of products out of composite plates.

You can purchase by us the tooling for any presses of foreign production W+K, Dorstener, LASCO, Atlas, PA-550 and others. In addition we provide services on tooling manufacturing for Chinese presses that are not yet common in Russia as well as for the presses of other maker.

We are ready together with technical services of your enterprise to develop technical documentation, technological process in order to provide the maximum required tooling durability.

Finally OOO “EuroDetal” is ready to offer you the following services:

  • Manufacturing of standard and nonstandard tooling, including large-size plates.
Joint development of drawings, technical documentation and technology.